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Staring (Drabble)
On the couch stood two men, close and facing each other with small smiles. Two pools of beautiful shiny blue and two delicious warm chocolate brown orbs staring at each other intently. The distance between them seems to be decreasing in one millimeter per thirty seconds.
A little farther away stood two ladies with their arms crossed and very confused, wondering what the hell their boyfriends are up to.
“What’s going on?” Amy whispered.
“I have no idea.” Signe whispered back.
Felix and Marzia strolled in carrying their pugs, Edgar and Maya. “How long have they been like that?” Marzia asked.
“About 2 minutes.” Amy answered back quietly.
Felix suddenly grinned. “Is Septiplier about to come true?”
“What?” Signe furrowed her eyebrows, looking at Felix.
Marzia smacked Felix on the arm. “What in the world are you saying?”
Felix shrugged. “What? Look at them, they look so in love.”
Amy gave hi
:iconkenzykoo:KenzyKoo 11 24
Crazy Night Septiplier
Mark, Jack, Matt, and Ryan arrived at the party hosted by Youtube. There was music blasting throughout the hall Youtube rented for the night, with You tubers filling the inside. Mark looked at the hall."I have a feeling this is the place." Matt said, spotting two people making out. Mark chuckled, and headed inside with the other three following.
The music was loud and you could feel the bass in the ground. Jack and Mark were sat at the bar, waiting for another drink. Mark and Jack were drunk off their balls, but kept drinking."And t-then, the guy came up to me, and-and tried to punch me!" Mark said to Jack, slurring his words. Jack laughed, and almost fell out of his chair. Mark caught Jack before he could fall down."Care-careful. I think you had o-one too many drinks." Mark said, his hand on Jack shoulder."I'm Irish. Drinking is a pass time for us!" Jack said, his accent thicker because of the alcohol. Mark laughed, and looked at Jack. Mark looked into his
:iconseptipliershipaway:SeptiplierShipAWAY 93 20
Amy 2/2 :iconcosmicchara:Cosmicchara 129 18 Amy 1/2 :iconcosmicchara:Cosmicchara 136 7 long romantic walks on the beach :iconumbrony:Umbrony 54 3 Septiplier Ask or Dare #7 :iconcaseykeshui:CaseyKeshui 91 21 Just For You~ :iconcaseykeshui:CaseyKeshui 85 13 Septiplier Ask or Dare #3 :iconcaseykeshui:CaseyKeshui 74 5 Cute Septiplier Comic :iconcaseykeshui:CaseyKeshui 77 20 Septiplier Comic :iconcaseykeshui:CaseyKeshui 159 16 The Demons Within - Chapter 2, Part 1 :iconsilvererros:silvererros 54 24
The Demons Within (Danti/Septiplier) - Ch. 1
"YOU TWO IMBECILES!" A voice boomed and echoed throughout hell. "BOTH OF YOU! MY MOST POWERFUL AND TRUSTWORTHY DEMONS! Do you realize WHAT YOU HAVE DONE?!"
A cloaked figure and an armored soldier are kneeling with fear fueling in their undead bodies, flinching at their King's yelling.
The King has many names, Lucifer, Satan, Hades. He stepped off his throne frustrated and pulling on his horns. "I can't believe you two, out of all the billions of demons in hell, BROKE THE NUMBER ONE RULE!"
"Lucifer..." The armored figure muttered. "We-"
"SHUT UP, WAR! I don't want your fucking excuses." Satan whipped his tail in the air. He took a deep breath. "Have you and Death created offspring?"
The two demons looked at each other and sighed. Satan can take a hint.
He sighed. "I can't believe you two."
Death bowed his head lower. "Lucifer. We were careless fools. We would accept any punishment you cast upon us." said Death.
Both kneeling demons shuddered on the thought of the punishments. The punish
:iconkenzykoo:KenzyKoo 45 14
The Days of Love (Septiplier) Part 8
Mark's POV
Now was my chance to get his payback on the small Irishman. Jack caused a lot of pain and confusion for me and now it was time to get revenge. I grabbed the last of my ammo and rolled into my next hidding spot. I then army crawled to a peep hole between the fort walls. Looking through, I saw Jack searching for me but failing. Jack turned around a bit and so I took the chance to jump up and scream FIRE!!!
Jack turned quickly but not fast enough and let out a small squeak before getting bombarded by pillows.
"I win! You Irish potato! Mark 1 Jack 0!"
"Shut up you lousy son of a gun."
Both of the men laughed at their little pillow war and Jacks weird insult. Mark loved the way Jack laughed. How his eyes sparkled and his dimples showed even cuter. If it was even possible for Jack to get cuter. Except that it was.
---time rewind to that morning---
Mark woke up slowly to soft and even breathing next to him. He slowly opened his eyes and turned his head to see that Jack was snuggled
:iconcakeybakey123:CakeyBakey123 1 0
Twitter Comic - Septiishu pt.4 :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 1,736 73


My mom found out about some some PRIVATE chats I was doing on another website.

She then proceeded to think she failed as a parent; take away my phone, iPad, and computer; and tell all my family. Don't worry, I deserve it, but still, I wanted to tell you guys.

I have just found out that you don't need the app to do DeviantArt on a iPad. (Lol this is my school iPad, they can't take this away from me, I need it for school!)

So, there will be no iPad drawings for a while and I'm still getting used to this new interface.

I don't think I can get onto my Tumblr, Instagram, or Wattpad. If anyone has an account on those things, spread the word. I can post on YouTube though. 

I'm so sorry about all of this, but thank you.


United States


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